Beware of ALL scams

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Scams aim to fool you into a false sense of security so you part with your cash. You usually get nothing in return, and you lose your money. Scams are getting more sophisticated and difficult to spot, so you should be sceptical about offers that seem to good to be true – they usually are.

Scam alerts

Scam alerts provide information on the latest cons. This can help you avoid being ripped-off. For details of the latest scams you should visit the Action Fraud website.

Useful information can also be found on the Consumerline website.

Report a scam online

If you report a scam, it provides vital information that can be used to warn others. This information can be passed to Trading Standards Services and the Office of Fair Trading. They can take action if a scam is causing widespread harm.

You can also report a scam to the Action Fraud website.

Financial scams

The Money Advice Service issues the latest news about scams and swindles as well as alerts about the most important issues facing consumers in the world of financial services.

Number of scams growing

The number of scams is growing all the time, and they present themselves in a wide range of formats. Online scams and telephone scams are among the different types of scams that people come across every day. You should always be vigilant.