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The internet is the most widely used source of information the world over, and as such all people from all walks of life frequent the net for almost anything from business, information, social networking and many more, however there is a negative side to the internet,There is a whole myriad of potentially destructive and illegal activities in the internet. From Identity theft, internet scamming, spamming to prostitution, gambling and even organized crime.

In this article I will discuss one very common internet scam which is called Domain Scams or Domain Name Scams, These types of scams are a very tricky way to get domain owners and domain users to either pay for promised services that turn out to be nothing but fraudulent.

A common domain scam is when a .com owner gets an email asking them to either register to get more traffic to their website by placing their website on top of a search engine’s search lists. This is very lucrative for any domain owner as the promise of more traffic means more prospective business, but when the .com owner registers his info and places his financial information, he will soon find out that he was scammed out of his own hard earned money by a program that identifies .com owners via a very official looking email.

Another technique that is used quite often is when you get an email telling you that one or more of your domains are in danger of being assigned to another owner, or that it is being domain hacked by another site stealing domains, the aim of this is to get the domain owner to panic and make uninformed decisions that lead to him looking for a way to save his domain, and voila! the email contains a link that is supposedly the one thing that will save your web domain, the poor .com owner clicks on the link and gives all his info and soon realizes that his domains are fine and that he paid top dollar for absolutely nothing.

The sad part about all this is that these type of scams are very easy to identify and so much more easier to avoid, one common denominator to this are the emails, Spamming is the most common tool for domain scamming, spam emails are unsolicited emails addressed to millions of users in a database and is designed to gain personal and financial information from unknowing victims. One helpful tip is if you do need servicing for your web domains is that you find them yourself, if it is a spam, always think twice, if it contains info that speaks of trouble, then verify through your own means, check with your host, server’s and other providers. the only key to your safety is yourself so do make that effort to protect yourself, be aware and be knowledgeable, this puts you one step ahead.

While the Internet in itself is not evil, there are unfortunately people who use it to cause harm, so knowing what is out there is going to be your best weapon in fighting off not just domain scams but almost all internet related fraudulent activities.