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Unsolicited Goods and Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1976 and Unsolicited Services (Trade and Business Directories) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010

Goods and services are unsolicited if they are sent to someone who did not order or ask for them.

Under this legislation it is not an offence for anyone to send unsolicited goods or a service. However, it is an offence if they demand payment for the unsolicited goods or service or threaten legal action to get payment.

Someone who receives goods in these circumstances may retain them as an unconditional gift and does not have to pay for them or return them.

There are also rules around the payment for entries in business directories. 

These rules are laid down in the Unsolicited Services (Trade and Business Directories) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010. Under the Act it is an offence to demand payment for an entry in a directory unless one of the four methods for agreeing to an entry as set out in the Act is met. 

These methods include the giving of written permission by way of an order form or note of agreement and, particularly with electronic communication, the provision of specific information about the directory.