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Ballymoney man given suspended sentence for selling clocked car – 23/01/2014

A Ballymoney man was today sentenced to three months imprisonment which was suspended for 18 months at Ballymena Magistrates’ Court.

In a case brought by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment’s Trading Standards Service, Samuel Shannon, Glenlough Road, Ballymoney pleaded guilty to two offences under The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.

In June 2012, Trading Standards Service received a complaint that Samuel Shannon had sold a Vauxhall Corsa motor car with incorrect mileage. Mr Shannon, who was convicted of similar offences a number of years ago, advertised and sold a Vauxhall Corsa car to a consumer who was purchasing it for her young son to drive.

During the sales negotiations he told the consumer that the car had suffered minor accident damage when someone had hit the bumper in a shopping centre. He also described the car as having 34,368 miles on the odometer.

It was discovered during the Trading Standards investigation that the car had actually travelled over 60,000 miles and that Samuel Shannon had bought it from a salvage auction as a Category C insurance loss and had it repaired before he sold it.

When interviewed by Trading Standards Officers, Samuel Shannon stated that he had knowledge of the incorrect mileage as he had changed the odometer in the car. He failed to disclose this to the consumer.

Angela Gilliland from Trading Standards Service commented: “This is the type of illegal practice that Trading Standards Service are always keen to see brought before the courts.

“Second hand car dealers must ensure that they give consumers all the information needed to make an informed decision before a sale. Important information must not hidden or omitted.

“The fact that Samuel Shannon had no qualms about selling this car to someone that he knew was buying it for their teenage son to drive is of major concern. Every parent wants their child to be as safe as possible, and I am sure that most parents would not choose a car for their child to drive that had been the subject of an insurance loss never mind one that had also been clocked.”

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