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Information for Customers of Laser Electrical Limited – 02/04/2010

Information for consumers

Step 1 – How to make a claim

Anyone waiting for delivery of goods they’ve paid for must contact the Joint Administrators, preferably in writing to:

The Joint Administrators of Laser Electrical Limited,KPMG,
Stokes House
17-25 College Square East

The Consumer Council has sample claim letters explaining what information you need to include, which are available to download from the Sample Complaints Letters section of this website. You will also need to send photocopies of all receipts – do not send original documentation!

Urgent messages can be left on 028 9089 3742 or you can send an e-mail:  Mark all e-mails for the attention of the Joint Administrators of Laser Electrical Limited.

Step 2 – Know your rights

Your rights differ depending on how you have paid for the goods i.e. credit card, debit card, cheque or cash.

Credit card – you have added protection from your credit card provider if your purchase was over £100. You should contact your provider directly.  A template letter can be downloaded here.

Debit Card – Visa debit cards offer a ‘Chargeback’ facility which enables your bank to claim money back for you in cases where goods fail to arrive, the company goes bust, or the goods are faulty or misdescribed.

Non-Visa debit cards/Cash/Cheque – you need to write to the joint administrator, KPMG and send them photocopies of all receipts. A template letter can be downloaded here.

Paid by credit agreement – If the shop arranged the credit agreement for goods costing between £100 to £30,000 and it goes bust before you take delivery, you may have rights against the finance company that the credit agreement is with.

Remember,if you have received your goods +and the business goes bust you must still pay the finance company the full amount for your goods under the terms of your credit agreement.

Where to go for more advice?

If you still have questions or concerns contact Domain Scams on 0845 600 62 62 / 028 9025 3900.

Safer Ways to Pay

This information has been taken from the Consumer Council’s Safer Ways to Pay leaflet, available to download from the website or by telephoning 028 9067 2488.

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