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Advice for passengers claiming expenses from their airline following the recent flight disruption – 27/04/2010

With flights slowly but surely returning to normal and stranded passengers finally getting home, the Consumer Council has issued the following advice on what they should do if they paid for their own accommodation and meals while waiting for flights to resume.

Andy McClenaghan from the Consumer Council said, “We have heard many stories about passengers being left out of pocket because they paid for their own meals and accommodation while they were stranded.  But if they chose to accept the offer of an alternative flight when flights resumed instead of a refund, they should not have had to fork out for these expenses in the first place.  They are entitled to claim their money back from their airline.

“Here’s what passengers should do:

  • Gather all receipts for meals, accommodation or mobile phone bills detailing any essential calls made while you were stranded.  Get photocopies of these receipts – one copy for the airline and one for your own records.
  • Write to your airline and include a copy of these receipts.  The Consumer Council has a handy template letter available on its website which can be downloaded to help passengers write to their airline.

“The Consumer Council represents passengers flying to and from Northern Ireland so if you are getting nowhere with your airline or are not happy with their response, contact us and we will take up your complaint on your behalf.  Contact us on 0800 121 6022 or email”

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