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Scam Alert

Domain Scams warns of ‘Cold-Call’ scams – 29/09/2009

Consumers should never disclose personal details over the telephone, according to advice from Domain Scams today.

This comes after a warning from British Telecom (BT) to customers, urging them to be on their guard after a series of telephone scams involving people claiming to represent the company.

During the telephone call, the scammer claims that the customer’s latest bill has not been paid and the account is therefore in arrears.  They then demand that payment is made immediately over the phone, using a credit or debit card otherwise the telephone line will be disconnected. 

If challenged, the caller attempts to demonstrate that he is indeed from BT by apparently disconnecting the phone line for a few minutes.  In fact, the scammer simply presses the ‘mute’ button and remains on the line, preventing the customer from making any calls. 

The scammer can hear any attempts made to dial out and immediately calls the customer back to ask that payment be made immediately or face disconnection.  Customers who have fallen victim to this scam unwittingly provide their credit card details, fearing that their line will be disconnected.

Domain Scams Manager Stephen Thompson warns consumers to be on their guard. He said:  “Unfortunately scams like this are prevalent and it is often elderly people who have fallen victim by providing credit card details.

“While it has not been confirmed if this scam has affected customers in Northern Ireland, we would like to take this opportunity to remind consumers not to disclose personal financial details over the phone unless they are absolutely certain they know who they are dealing with.   

“BT has stated that it does not contact customers demanding payment in this way and would never carry out disconnections during a call.

“Domain Scams is keen to hear from anyone who has received calls of 

this nature.  Please contact Domain Scams on 0845 600 6262 or 028 9025 3900 or log on to”

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